Rapid game development

Welcome to ZGameEditor: The rapid development solution with a tiny footprint!

Create games that have a redistributable size of only 64kb or less using procedural content. The game engine use OpenGL for graphics and a real time synthesizer for audio. ZGE is Free Open Source Software.

To learn more please visit features and documentation. Or go directly to download and try it out for yourself! You'll find the latest news on the forum.

Latest code commits

2014-11-25 Revision 456: Various bugfixes.
2014-11-21 Revision 455: Updated Matrix Library and Matrix Library Example.
2014-11-21 Revision 454: Fixes related to bitmap and mesh expression syntax changes.
2014-11-19 Revision 453: Bug fixes.
2014-11-17 Revision 452: More threading.

Latest forum posts

2014-11-25 Beta release 3.1b
2014-11-24 Indies VS PewDiePie Game Jam
2014-11-20 SimpleAnimator should understand "shorter syntax"
2014-11-19 Wii U
2014-11-15 dankCastle - 7dFPS 2014

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