Mesh Implicit


A mesh producer that generates a mesh based on implicit functions.

This component can only be used in the Mesh.Producers property.

Note: The implicit meshes components are highly experimental. Setting invalid property values may lock up the editor. Make sure you save your data often!

See also: ImplicitPrimitive



The implicit function that will be evaluted for defining the mesh.


The size of generated triangles. The lower the value, the more detailed mesh will be produced. Be careful when setting very low values (below 0.05) because it will generate many thousands of triangles and take a long time to finish.


Controls the outer bound of the area that will be evaluated. Set this value to cut-off large meshes.


If this property is set then the whole area will be searched for surfaces (much slower). Only set this if you have more than one separate surface that needs to be generated. For better performance it is very important to use the Bounds-parameter to limit the area that is searched.

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