Render Text


Render text on screen using the current material.

This component can only be used in the OnRender property on Model or Application components.

See also: Font.



The text that will be rendered.


A reference to a floating point property that have its value rendered. The value will first be rounded to an integer, use FloatMultiply if decimals are needed.


If TextFloatRef is set, then the value will first be multiplied using FloatMultiply before render.

X / Y

X and Y coordinates where text will be rendered. Range is -1 to 1, with 0 at center. See also UseModelSpace-property.


Scale of text that will be rendered.


Align text: Left or Center. If the text includes linebreaks, then the text will be centered using the width of the first line only.


Default value is 1. Modify this value to stretch or shrink the text in the Y axis.


An expression that will be executed before each character is rendered. This is useful for making animations. Special properties that can be modified in the expression are: CharX, CharY, CharRotate, CharScale and CharI.


If set then the text will be rendered relative to the current position of the Model executing the RenderText-command. If not set (default) then the text will be rendered in screen coordinates.

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