Import a 3 D-model from a 3 DS-file

Import a 3D-model from a 3DS-file

This "HOW TO" describes how to import a 3D-model stored in a 3ds-file into ZGameEditor to use in your own projects.

First step is to select "Import 3ds-file" from the "File"-menu.

Then you select which file to import using a file browser.

Next is the 3DS-file import options dialog which looks like this:

The default options are normally the best for most models. Here is a more detailed description of what the options mean:

  • Name prefix: This is the name that the generated components will have in your project after the model is imported.
  • Auto scale model: Click this box to make the imported model scaled to the length of one in the X axis. This is useful because many 3ds-files have very large dimensions and need to be scaled down.
  • Mesh scale: Select a scale value in percent. This option is only enabled if Auto Scale unchecked.
  • Import vertex colors: Click this box for importing the colors of the model on a per-vertex basis. If this box is not checked then ZGameEditor tries to pick one color for each mesh in the model based on the dominating material.
  • Auto center model: If this box is checked the model will be centered around the origin (zero) coordinate.

When you select "OK" in the options-dialog the model is imported into your currently opened ZGameEditor project.

The 3ds-format is quite common and many 3D-modeling tools can export 3d-models in this format. Here are some sites that contain free 3ds-models:

Limitations of the import-routine:

  • Textures are currently not imported.
  • I've tried to import many different 3ds-files to ensure correctness, but if you find a 3ds-file that does not import the please send it to me or post it on the forum.

Here is a sample project in which two models are imported into a ZGameEditor project. The zip-file contains both the .zgeproj file and an separate exe-file that can be executed.

Download here: (100kb).

The Warewolf head is by META3D and downloaded from The Dolphin model is by Flash Fire Designs and downloaded from The Bart model is downloaded from

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