Steering Behaviour


Represents a steering behaviour.

This component can only be used in the Behaviours property on the SteeringController component.

See also: SteeringController



Allowed values:

  • SeekModel - Seek towards the model set in TargetModel.
  • SeparationCategory - Keep separation from models in TargetCategory.
  • Noise - A smooth random movement.
  • FleeModel - Flee from the model set in TargetModel.
  • Expression - Takes a force from an expression.
  • WallAvoidance2D - Steer away from walls defined by the models in TargetCategory. The walls boundaries are defined with CollisionBounds of the models.


When kind is set to "Seek" or "Flee", this is the model to seek towards or flee from.


When kind is "Separation": the category of models that the current model is being separated from.

When kind is "WallAvoidance": the category of models that are considered being "walls".


A value giving this behaviour a weight. The force of each behaviour is multiplied with this value. Use for fine-tuning the effect of each behaviour.


When kind is "Expression": a expression that calculates a steer vector. The special property "OutVector"-should be set by the expression. Example "this.OutVector.X=0.5; this.OutVector.Y=0.5;".

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