Material Texture


Represents a texture that is used by a material. This component can only be used in the Material.Textures property.

See also: Material



Set to a Bitmap that the material will use for texturing.


This value controls scaling of the texture. 1.0 is the default value for normal scale. 0.5 is half scale, 2.0 is double scale. You can specify a separate scale for the X and Y axis.

TextureX / TextureY

This values controls the texture offset in X and Y axis. Animate the values to "move" the texture over the rendered object.


This value controls rotation of the texture.


This values controls how the texture will repeated over the mesh surface:

  • Mirror - The texture is repeated with every other repetition mirrored (flipped).
  • Tile - The texture is repeated normally.
  • Clamp - No repetition, pixels outside the texture will hold the same color as the textures edges.


This value controls how texture coordinates are fetched.

  • Generated - Material will use automatically generated texture coordinates.
  • ModelDefined - Texture coordinates supplied with the model will be used. Set this value when using the RenderSprite-component.

Default is Generated.

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